The Jenkins County Registrar’s Office processes voter registrations, sends out requested absentee ballots, manages polling locations, and more.

Chief Registrar

Patricia Rich

611 E. Winthrope Ave.
P.O. Box 510 (Mailing address)
Millen, GA 30442
478-982-3985 | 877-647-1011
Fax 478-982-4380


The Board of Registrars of Jenkins County hold their regular monthly meetings on the second Monday of every month at 9:00 a.m. These meetings are now held in-person and are open to the public.

Where is my Voting Location?

Precinct# Precinct Name Polling Location
#1 Primary School 998 E. College Ave.
Millen, GA 30442
#2 Courthouse 998 E. College Ave.
Millen, GA 30442
#3 Perkins 1629 Perkins Greenfork Rd.
Perkins, GA 30442
#4 Senior Citizens 998 E. College Ave.
Millen, GA 30442
#5 Four Points 5225 Elam Rd.
Millen, GA 30442
#1-#5 Advanced-In Person 611 E. Winthrope Ave.
Millen, GA 30442

Election News