Industry enjoys access to a solid infrastructure

Businesses will find a solid infrastructure here in Jenkins County, with the City of Millen providing natural gas, water and sewer service to many companies.

The Jenkins County Industrial Park area is served primarily by the City of Millen. Water is supplied in an 8” main tied to a City-owned 100,000-gallon elevated storage tank adjacent to the park. The City supplies sewer service with a 12” main. Natural gas is available using 2” to 8” high-pressure mains. Electricity is provided by Georgia Power. Access to rail freight may be available for some properties.

This Millen public water service area covers 71% of the city and can provide up to 2.174 million gallons per day (GPD) with an average daily demand being less than 500,000 GPD. This water is provided by three deep-water wells and three storage tanks with the ability to hold 400,000 gallons combined.

Concerning sewage treatment, the City of Millen has the capacity to treat 457,000 GPD. The daily demand has an average of 300,000 GPD. Treatment is provided through an oxidation pond in the southwestern section of the City of Millen with an entrance on Highway 25

Other locations in Jenkins County rely on wells and septic tanks, propane gas, with electricity provided by Planters EMC.

Jenkins County is one county in the Central Savannah River Area benefiting from a state focus on improving broadband internet access to the area. Georgia awarded Jenkins County $11.9 million to expand broadband to 1,875 customers in the county. Utilities expanding into Jenkins County with fiber service thanks to this investment include Planters Telephone Cooperative and Pineland Telephone Company.

County fire rating: 5