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Originally nicknamed "Seven-Nine" or "Old 79" due to its proximity to Savannah, approximately 79 miles away, the town was first settled in 1835. Millen was chartered on September 30, 1881 as Millen’s Junction named for McPherson B. Millen, the superintendent of the Central of Georgia Railway, which intersected with the Georgia Railroad in the town. The City of Millen serves as the county seat for Jenkins County.

During the Civil War, Millen’s Junction was destroyed as a result of the railroad and the presence of Camp Lawton, a Confederate prison camp located just outside the town on what is now part of Magnolia Springs State Park. Resilient residents rebuilt the town after the war.

Millen's economy today thrives on agriculture, agribusiness, and forestry. Recreational activities along the Ogeechee River and at Magnolia Springs State Park, among other activities, ensure our residents live fulfilling lives. We welcome you to discover the rich history and vibrant community that make Millen a special place to call home.

Community House: The Community House is a restored building that can be rented from the City for birthdays, weddings, etc. It has a full kitchen, piano, 15 8-foot tables and 125 chairs. Fees are:

  • Deposit - $100.00
  • Session 1 (8 a.m.-4 p.m.) - $100.00
  • Session 2 (5 p.m.-12 a.m.) - $100.00
  • Both sessions (8 a.m.-12 a.m.) - $175.00

Contact City Hall at 478-982-6100 for details, or download the Rental Instructions here.

City of Millen Cemetery & Westside Cemetery:

The City of Millen owns and maintains two cemeteries.
For information and fees, click here.

Millen City Hall

919 College Ave.
Millen, GA 30442

Council Meets: 1st Tuesday of every month, 6 p.m., City Hall

Emergency Contacts:

Fire/Police: 9-1-1

Millen Fire Department

Millen Police Department

City of Millen Utilities (Gas/Sewer/Water)


Make utility payments, ad valorem tax payments, and pay citations online at www.cityofmillenpmts.com. An unattended dropbox is available 24/7 in the drive-thru area at City Hall.
This box is checked several times throughout the day, Monday-Friday.

  • Utility Payments: Provide name, account number, and address of utility service.
  • Tax Payments: Provide name, tax receipt number, and amount of tax due.
  • Citations: Provide name, citation number, and date of birth.

The City of Millen is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider