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is the perfect time

to bring your business to Jenkins County, Georgia.

Jenkins County Incentives

Jenkins County offers a number of incentives for growing or locating a business or industry here.


The Jenkins County Development Authority assists companies in obtaining any necessary environmental permitting required from State and Federal agencies. Locally, we offer a One-Stop-Shop permitting process.

Utility Access

As part of the incentive package, the Jenkins County Development Authority will coordinate with the various utility operators that serve the proposed site to provide the most aggressive pricing possible for utility services. (However, all prices are subject to standard cost of business increases or decreases, which are experienced in doing business and equally apply to all customers.) Once a Company’s specific utility requirements are known, specific and applicable rate quotes will be provided. Utilities including water, sewer, gas and electric power will be made available in capacities required by the prospect company.


The Jenkins County Development Authority assists companies in securing Quick Start training prior to a company beginning operation. Quick Start is the Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education's statewide training arm for new and expanding industries in Georgia. Developed as an incentive for companies to locate in Georgia, Quick Start provides job specific training for Georgians to enter the workforce in the state's new and expanding industries. This free State of Georgia-sponsored training is provided locally through Southeastern Technical College.

Job Tax Credit

Provides tax credits on Georgia income taxes for qualifying businesses that create and retain five (5) or more jobs. Per each new job created, a tax credit of $4,000 will be credited to the business for a period of five years, beginning from year two (2) through year six (6) with ability to carry forward for 10 years. The Development Authority further pledges to work with State agencies and officials to ensure the prospect receives the proper credits as this program may be amended in the future.

100% Freeport

No ad valorem property taxes will be assessed by Jenkins County or the state against a company’s inventory of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished products destined for shipment out of state. The City of Millen also exempts 100% of all qualified Level 1 freeport inventory (raw materials and goods in process of manufacture).


Local officials will apply to all appropriate Federal and State agencies for applicable grant funds to assist in reducing building construction costs, financing public infrastructure and other funding assistance that may be required for a project.

Equipment Sales Tax Exclusions
and Ad Valorem Tax Concessions

As a further incentive for a company to locate its project in Jenkins County, assistance by local officials shall be given as needed in securing the best possible sales and use tax machinery exemption from the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Foreign Trade Zone

Jenkins County is designated as a Foreign Trade Zone, where goods may be stored, manipulated, mixed with domestic and/or foreign materials, used in assembly or manufacturing processes or exhibited for sale without being subject to duties.